Look into our school transportation services in Dodge county, Houston county, Fillmore county, Olmstead county, and Winona county, MN.

Our public transportation provides rides for all students in the Kasson, Byron & Stewartville, MN area. Rolling Hills Transit can pick up your child at home, daycare, or even a relative's home and take them to school, then bring them straight home or to a designated destination.

Your child will...

Feel safe and secure while riding on our buses
Enjoy riding to school with their classmates
Love interacting with our friendly bus drivers

Call 800-528-7622 now to arrange for transportation services for your child.

We can take your child anywhere they need to go

Because our coverage extends around Kasson, Byron & Stewartville, MN, we can take your child to any local...

  • Preschool
  • Day care center
  • Head Start program
  • Summer school or after-school program
  • Summer activities 

Tell us where we should pick up and drop off your child when you schedule bus services.