• In town, one way $2.00
  • Senior dining, round trip $2.00
  • Out of town, but within 8 miles, one way $3.00
  • Out of town, beyond 8 miles, one way $6.00

Passengers should be prepared to pay at the time service is provided unless other arrangements have been previously made with RHT management or dispatch.

Exact amount of change, check, or pass value is required at time of ride. Drivers do not carry change.

RHT will bill for certain trips under the following conditions:

  • A human service agency is paying for the trip.
  • A client's guardian request billing due to the client's inability to handle cash.
  • Arrangements are made in advance giving RHT the name of the agency to bill, contact name, full
  • mailing address, telephone number, and any applicable reference number.

Cancellations/ no shows

  • A passenger who cancels a specialized trip within 24 hours of the scheduled trip three (3) times may be suspended from service.
  • The rider is responsible for cancelling a trip that is no longer needed. A trip is considered a "no show" when the driver has made every reasonable effort to locate the passenger within 5 minutes.
  • The driver will notify RHT dispatch of his/her unsuccessful search for the passenger and it will be classified as a "no show". Each no show will be investigated to see if a good faith effort to cancel was made by the rider. A rider who fails to properly cancel his/her ride will be charged for the ride.
  • A passenger who records three (3) no shows in a 60-day period may be suspended from service for a period of time determined by RHT management.
  • Failure by a passenger to notify the RHT office that he/she will not be making a scheduled trip may result in a suspension from services.