• Please remember all calls and ride requests go through dispatch and not the driver.
  • Please wait until the pickup window expires before calling to see where the bus is. The bus is not late until the pickup window expires, which is 10 minutes after your scheduled pick up time.
  • Be flexible, RHT strives to serve as many people in as many communities as we can at the same time. Sometimes we cannot meet everyone's needs at exactly the same time.
  • You are sharing the bus with other riders, so please be respectful and patient of others who want to use the bus.
  • Do not schedule a ride if you are uncertain you will really need it. Other riders may be denied the opportunity to schedule a ride because that time was reserved for you.
  • If you no longer need your ride please be sure to call and cancel.
  • Let us know how things are going and how we can serve you better. We certainly want to hear about any concerns but would also love to hear your compliments. Let us know when we are doing a good job and what you like about our service.

NOTE: Passengers can request reasonable accommodations to ensure compliance with ADA and Title VI by alerting the dispatcher at time of scheduling the ride. If needed, Bus Operators can also make those reasonable accommodations if needed at the time of the ride.