Rolling Hills transit provides curb to curb local transportation to the general public. All buses are handicapped accessible and include seatbelts. Let Rolling Hills Transit provide you with affordable, quality service to get you where you're going.

The following guidelines have been established by Rolling Hills Transit to ensure the safety of our passengers, employees, and drivers. These standards have been developed through the review of previous service guidelines, present service capacities, and compliance with State and Federal guidelines.

General Rider Policies

  • The bus is available to everyone for any reason. Individuals of all ages may ride the transit bus to go to places such as the grocery store, medical clinic, pharmacy, hair salon, library, etc. All transit buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts that are accessible to all individuals.
  • Rolling Hills Transit operates on a "shared-ride" basis. Shared-ride means that trips will be coordinated to carry as many passengers as possible as economically as possible. For example, several people could be included in one trip, depending on the pickup and drop off points and time schedule, please allow for this when scheduling.
  • The bus may arrive up to 10 minutes before or 10 minutes after scheduled pickup time.
  • Riders are required to fasten their seatbelt while the bus is in motion.
  • Drivers cannot assist with packages or assist passengers into businesses or homes.
  • A passenger is expected to be able to get themselves in and out of the door of their residence. If they cannot the passenger would need to have an assistant to help them.
  • Bags and packages must remain with the passenger and may not obstruct the aisle or the wheelchair securement area.
  • Passengers are to be courteous, considerate and respectful of their fellow passengers, driver, and bus. Passengers who are disruptive or unsafe may be asked to leave the bus.
  • No foul language, fighting, harassment, intimidation or horseplay will be tolerated.
  • Eating, drinking, tobacco, and drug use are not permitted on the buses.
  • When a customer does not properly cancel his/her ride they will be charged for the ride.
  • Exact amount of change, check, or pass value is required at time of ride. Drivers do not carry change.
  • All rides/changes must be made through dispatch and not with drivers.

NOTE: Rolling Hills Transit (RHT) is aware that certain disabilities may result in the involuntary breach of our passenger code of conduct and as a result we will evaluate each alleged breach on a case-by-case basis.